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Here ends the summer

PPL instructors and G-BOCU

A big congratulations to all the University of Leeds students who completed their PPLs this summer.

It has been a successful season and it has been a pleasure having such a positive and enthusiastic group of pilots train here at Advanced Flight Training.

We now have 22 new PPLs ready to take on the next step on their commercial journey!

Thank you to all our incredibly hard working team of instructors, working tirelessly with endless good humour through, what can only be described as, a baking hot summer.

Thank you to Sherburn Engineering for making sure we could rack up some serious hours on the aeroplanes without any delays!

Thank you to the desk staff and ground crew at Sherburn Aero Club who have been so helpful and efficient in helping the long days run smoothly.

Hopefully next year is equally , if not, greater than this year!

For more information of the Modular Commercial Courses, please contact us at or call us on 01977 680 998.

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