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The Multi-engine rating gives pilots the chance to fly twin engine aircraft. Here at Advanced Flight Training we have our own twin engine aircraft available for students.


Pre-Entry Requirements:


Whilst it is theoretically possible to complete a course of PPL training on a MEP aeroplane,

The candidate is required to have:

  • A valid PPL (A)

  • 70 hours flight time as pilot in command of aeroplanes.

Course Structure:


The course shall comprise of a minimum of;


  • 7 Hours theoretical ground training

  • 1 Theoretical knowledge exam 

  • 6 Hours flight training


Typical full time length: 5 days


Cost: ​Contact us for more information

For more information on how to apply for your MEP click HERE.





To enrol onto the MEP Rating or for more information call us today on 01977 680 998

Or email us at

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