Pilots need Instrument Rating in order to to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR). 


Pre-Entry Requirements:


Before commencing the course applicants for an IR shall:

  • Hold at least a PPL (A)

  • The privileges to fly at night in accordance with FCL.810 i; or

  • An ATPL in another category of aircraft; or A CPL (A).

  • Have completed at least 50 hours of cross-country flight time as PIC in Aeroplanes, helicopters or airships of which at least 10 hours shall be in Aeroplanes.

  • Have completed the EASA, IR or ATPL theoretical knowledge exams.

  • The instrument rating flight test must be passed within 36 months of passing the final written exam.

  • Hold a valid medical.

  • If training for a multi-engine Instrument Rating hold a valid multi engine piston class rating or have completed the training for the MEP class rating.

  • All applicants must hold a valid FRTOL.


Course Structure:


Considering most candidates will be completing the IR course on the MEP aeroplane:

  • The standard IR (A) Training course is a 55 hour course

  • 40 Hours on FNPT II

  • 15 Hours on MEP aircraft


If the candidate either holds a CPL (A) or Basic Instrument Flight Module (BIFM) certificate then the initial BIFM may be reduced by up to 10 hours as follows:


  • A BIFM is not required if the candidate holds either a CPL, has completed the CPL course and passed the Skills Test, or already holds a BIFM course Completion Certificate.

  • Any Student requiring Basic IF refresher training may use part of the Basic Instrument Flight Module as required, at the discretion of the Head of Training.


Cost: £15600 inc.VAT 


Additional costs:



For more information on applying for an IR click HERE.


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