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Night Flying 2016

The clocks are due to change, the days are already shorter, but on the plus side that does mean it is almost time for Night Flying!

From the 18th October we are night flying Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The world certainly looks a different place from the air on a clear night and it is a great experience especially for newly qualified PPLs.

Sunset at AFT

The addition of the night flying rating being added to your PPL means that you can continue flying once the sun has set.

Pre-Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum PPL(A)

  • Course Structure:

  • 5 hours flight time

  • 3 hours Dual instruction

  • 1 hour cross-country navigation

  • 1 dual cross-country of at least 50km

  • 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo landings

Typical full-time length: 3 nights

For more information on Night Flying click HERE or call 01977 680 998

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