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September Round up

The days are getting shorter signalling the end of summer and I think it is safe to say that for everyone here at Advanced Flight Training it has been a successful one.

The University of Leeds students have all but finished with lots of PPL skills tests passed and very happy future pilots ready to take to the skies. It has been an incredible feeling having past Leeds students gain their IR, CPL and FI ratings to teach the new students their PPLs (see below). There is no better way to pass on words of wisdom to the new students than with experience.

It has been fantastic to see lots of new faces and the energy and enthusiasm from all our students this year has been great to be a part of. With plenty of MEP, IR and CPL students booked in, it has kept us all very busy, but it is great to hear from past students on what they are doing now.

Here at AFT we would like to wish our CPL/IR students heading of to do their MCC training, and those who are currently applying to the airlines, the very best of luck with their pursuit of the commercial dream! A fond farewell to one of our FI students who is going to live the high life training the future of aviation over in America! To all AFT students who are now making the most of the freedom a PPL can offer, a huge congratulations and we shall see many of them when they return to continue their flight training.

However, shorter days means soon Night Flying will be upon us. Click HERE for more information or email

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