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The PPL Syllabus

The route to gaining your Private Pilot's Licence is certainly an exciting one and it is a course we offer here at Advanced Flight Training.

For some new pilots it is a bit of a step into the unknown so we have put together some information of what to expect when you sign up for the PPL course.

1. Aircraft Familiarisation (and emergency drills)

2. Before and after flight actions

3. Air Experience

4(i). Effects of controls 1

4(ii). Effects of controls 2

5. Taxying and emergencies

6(i). Straight and level 1

6(ii). Straight and level 2

7. Climbing

8. Descending

9. Turning

10a. Slow flight

10b(i). Stalling 1

10b(ii). Stalling 2

11. Spin avoidance and recovery

12/13. Circuits

14. First solo

15. Advanced turning

16. Practice forced landing

17. Precautionary landing

18a. Navigation

18b. Low level navigation

18c. Radio navigation

19. Instrument flying

Once you have completed the 45 hours required training you then have to do the skills test with an examiner. When you have passed, all you need to do is the Radio Telephony Test and fill out application forms to the CAA for your licence.

For more information on our PPL courses, please feel free to contact us on 01977 680998 or email

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